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Our hotel is situated in the historical centre of the city of Satu Mare, within 10 km from the Hungarian border, respectively 25 km from the Ukraine border. The architectural style and its interior decoration remind us of atmosphere at the end of the XIX-th century.

Our restaurant meets in an elegant way all the culinary demands of our guests. We provide professional services and an a la carte menu, which contains many international dishes and, of course, many traditional specialties.

Our "Tavern" offers a pleasant Pub-feeling, where our guests can have a glass of wine from Minis vineyard (Wine Princess) and can satisfy their culinary tastes having huge portions prepared in our kitchen.

Solarex Tours travel agency, as tour operator, is located at the Astoria Hotel in Satu Mare. Since 2002, it operates as a major distributor of the packages of the company Ibusz - Hungary, founded in 1902.