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Tourism Agency

Dear customers!

Solarex Tours travel agency, as tour operator, is located at the Astoria Hotel in Satu Mare. Since 2002, it operates as a major distributor of the packages of the company Ibusz - Hungary, founded in 1902.

The objective of our agency is fulfilling your dreams by choosing a perfect vacation.

Through our services we offer:

  • national tourism
  • international tourism
  • organized tours around the world
  • plane tickets
  • Satu Mare - Budapest transfer
  • national/international hotel reservations
  • tour setups at request
  • medical insurance

Work point
20 Mihai Viteazu Street                                                         440030 Satu Mare                                                  
Tel: 004-0261-714190

Fax: 004-0261-714191

Messenger ID: solarextours


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